Crochet Tribal Moccasin Tutorial

Good morning, I hope you are having an awesome Wednesday so far!  I haven’t had a post in a little while because I have been very busy crocheting/tweaking these adorable tribal moccasins, plus working on some other sweet projects that will be coming to the blog soon.  Knitting and crocheting can take such a loooong time, but thats ok because I love to do it!! :)
This lovely pattern was created by Umme Yusuf and can be downloaded from her blog here.  I was so excited to stumble across this pattern because I have been wanting moccasins for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to make my own!

Tribal patterns are so trendy right now so I thought it would be cute to incorporate that into the moccasins. I added the colorful stripes to the top and I love the little detail it adds!  I can’t wait to make more in all sorts of different colors, plus Trisden will probably be getting a pair in the near future as well.  Somebody stop me, haha.
The moccasins crochet up really fast an can be customized to fit any foot.  I recommend trying them on as you go to make sure you are getting the fit that is most comfortable fit for you.
I photographed the entire crochet process, plus add a few tips of my own.  Now, I’m not going to recite the pattern, but just provide photos of all the major steps.  Sometimes it’s nice to see photos of a pattern just so you know you’re doing it right especially if you’re just learning to crochet.


One big tip I have for this is to NOT weave in your ends until the very end.  It took me a couple tries to get them to fit the way I wanted them so leaving the tails out made it easy for me to unravel and re-crochet.
Here is the link to the pattern!!
Extra Materials:
worsted weight acrylic yarn (brown, white, yellow, pink, blue)
yarn needle
stitch marker
The Sole.
Sole: Shaping the toe.
Completed sole.
Row 1 of shaping the sides.
Completed Sides.
Making the upper flap: Rows 1 – 3.
Row 4: Crochet into the back row only.  This creates a little “shelf” where you can attach the cute fringe detail!
Row 4 completed, showing the little “shelf”.
Cut brown yarn and attach white yarn.  Crochet 2 rows.
Cut white yarn and attach blue yarn, crochet 1 row.  Cut blue yarn, attach yellow yarn and crochet 1 row.  Cut yellow yarn and attach pink yarn.  Crochet 1 row.
Decrease row.
Cut pink yarn and attach yellow yarn, crochet 1 row.
Cut yellow yarn, attach blue yarn.  Decrease row.  Cut blue yarn and attach white yarn.  Crochet two rows.  Cut yarn and weave in all ends.
Flap Edging:
I added this step because it cleans up the messy stripe edge and aids with attaching to the flap to the actual shoe.
Using the brown yarn single crochet around the entire flap.  Starting on the right side single crochet in each row and across the toe are then and back up the left side.
The finished flap should look like this.  Doesn’t the flap look so much cleaner with the edging?
Here you have the shoe and the flap.
Fold the shoe in half and mark the fold with stitch markers.
Pin the flap in place.
Cut a piece of brown yarn that is about 1-2 arm lengths long.  Using a yarn needle, stitch the flap to the shoe.
The flap and shoe are finally attached.
Grab a piece of white yarn that is about 1-2 arms lengths long, and add the stitching detail.
Cut the white yarn, secure and weave in ends.
Cut a bunch of pieces of brown yarn about 4 inches long.  Use a crochet hook to knot the yarn to little “shelf” you made on the flap.
Trim the fringe.
Weave in all loose ends and sport your newest handmade accessory!!
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