My first blog post

Hello everyone out there!

I’m Alicia Tran and you might know me from Anyway, I’m Alicia (as you already know) and… BAM! Sorry, that was just me smacking my head for repeat my name. Okay, back to business. Oi! Lucia! Stop that. (Just me telling my sister to stop annoying me.) So if you’re are reading my blog right now, you probably are either a) One of my many friends, or b) Someone who stumble across here by typing the wrong address for some really awesome, funtastic, (I think I just made that word up)magnificent craft blog, and someone who isn’t going to stay here for long. The purpose of this humble blog is to entertain readers with good books, photos, artwork and crafts from the internet and also from my imagination. This a an upgraded version of my older blog (Craftilicious) but if you are thinking that I am going to be quitting Craftilicious, you are not only wrong but wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong… you get it. I love travelling so I will also be showing travel pictures.

Love u!

Alicia 🙂


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